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Outdoor loveseat – As times change, so do the furniture styles. The sofa, chair or loveseat you bought a few years ago could not look its best longer. Before you throw it and start with something new, see if you can give new life to your old pieces. Clean the furniture to give it a fresh look. If your couch, chair and outdoor loveseat have removable slipcovers, read the instructions on the care of the fabric. You may be able to wash and dry them home or take them to the dry cleaners. Using an upholstery steam cleaner to clean any pieces of padding you cannot remove.

Posted on September 4, 2017 Outdoor

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Renew sofa chair and outdoor loveseat; revive the sagging seats and cushions. Flip couch cushions and fluff up the pillows back. If you cannot get the desired level of support, consider having pillows reshuffled, which would be much cheaper than replacing the sofa. Check support if seats are still sinking. Turn the furniture and feel for bulging pieces of wood or springs. You can try to fix these issues by inserting blocks of wood between the frame and the section sagging or by turning the bent springs back into place with pliers.

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Try to renew the furniture and the room by rearranging the set-up. Move the sofa to the other wall, create more than one seating area or mix in a new accent pieces of furniture with your existing couch, chair or outdoor loveseat. Then adding some new or different lighting to change the feel of the space and the look of your old furniture.

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