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Drainboard sink – With a panel of porcelain on each side of the basin, you’ve got a lot to renovate an old porcelain sink. Add to that the amount of wear most drainboards absorb, and you may be tempt to just replace it. However, there are advantages for refurbishing old double drainer sink, from the economic to the aesthetic – and you can do it yourself in an afternoon, plus the curing time.

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And also clean the drainboard sink thoroughly with an abrasive cleanser using a powerful cleaning sponge. Does not worry about the wear the surface needs to be slightly rough to help the epoxy adhere. If lime scale or rust stains are on the sink, use a lime remover. Rinse sink well, so that no detergent residue is left and let it dry thoroughly. Sand the surface of the basin and drain boards with 120-grit sandpaper; some tub and tile epoxy does not require this, so check the label on the product. Grinding may also be unnecessary if the surface is already boring.

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As a result, mask the edges of the drainboard sink with masking tape to protect the bench. Mix epoxy and hardener according to instructions. With a 1-inch-wide foam brush, paint the edges of the drain boards and the areas around the equipment. If drainboard have ridges, paint them with a 3-inch foam brush.