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How To Repair Fireclay Sink – Fireclay is a material commonly used to make sinks and tubs. It maintains the appearance of porcelain or ceramics. But because the clay is so heat and fire resistant (it is create at a much higher temperature). The elasticity of the material increased. Fireclay rarely suffer chips or scratches, but when it does. You can get a repair kit from the sink manufacturer. To reinforce the damaged area with similar damage resistant material.

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To repair fireclay sink, the first clean the injured area. Clean use a cloth soaked in warm water and an all-purpose cleaner sink. Mild abrasive cleaners are good for removing any stains in the injured area. If necessary, use a solvent cleaner, such as white spirit, to remove the grease or wax. Dry the area thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. Shake your fireclay putty that comes with repair kit for two full minutes to ensure that it is ready for use.

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Apply the compound of fireclay putty to the damaged area with the included applicator. If the kit does not come with an applicator. Use a toothpick or cotton swab to spread the putty. Make several passages, applying thin layers of compound until the damaged area is completely covered. Protect the repaired area from moisture and pressure during the last 24 hours. So that the association can dry completely. If you use a repair kit made of porcelain or ceramic. You cannot achieve the same springy surface or color matching to repair the sink. If at all possible, get a repair kit design specifically for your sink from the product manufacturer.

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