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Patio glider swing is a nice, smooth motion furniture to relax on, until they fall out of position. Quite often the cause of the problem is not immediately obvious, so you have to go looking for it.

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Step 1: isolate the problem

Examine the patio glider swing carefully to see what is wrong. The most likely source of the problem will be the mechanism through which the glider is suspended. Check suspension support arm. This takes most of the strain when the glider is used special attention to stocks either end of the arm. If the glider has wheels working with the suspension arm. Check that they are properly positioned and pay special attention to their stock.

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Wooden Patio Glider SwingSize: 1552 x 1035

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Patio Glider Swing IdeasSize: 1600 x 1600

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Canopy Patio Glider SwingSize: 1500 x 1500

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If the bearing arm swings through a narrow gap. check that there is nothing blocking the gap and control of swing. If the problem is with the fabric of the glider, check the timber and any pillows for all damage, so it can all be repaired at the same time.

Step 2: The suspension bearing arm

If the suspension support arm needs to be replaced, you need to check the manual for the correct part number and the removal and installation instructions. There are several ways that these stocks arms are mounted, but they are often held by a single nut or a sprint.

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Step 3: Wheels

The wheels are usually held in place with screws or bolts. If the link layer is stuck, it is faster to buy a new one, than trying to repair the old.

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