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Back outlet toilet – The wax ring in your toilet works as a seal between the toilet outlets in the bottom flange on top of your drain pipes. When the wax ring fails, water can leak from the bottom of the toilet when you flush, and you will smell bad. If you suspect that you have a leaky wax ring, gently pushing back and forth to the bathroom. If it rocks the wax ring has failed. Let the wax ring to come to room temperature before installation.

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Turn off the water off at the shut-off valve usually under the back outlet toilet tank where the supply line coming through the wall or from the floor or at the main water supply for the building if there is no cutoff valve. Remove the tank lid and set it aside. Flush the toilet and hold the handle until the tank is emptied. Using a sponge, to remove the remaining water from the bottom of the tank.

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Place the plunger over the back outlet toilet bowl drain. Then, press down heavily on the piston to evacuate the remaining water in the toilet trap. Loosen and remove the water hose from the bottom of the toilet tank, with pliers. And also keep the sponge handy to sop up dribbling from the disconnected line. Check the rubber gasket in the hose end for damage or deterioration. And then replace it if it looks damaged.

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