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How To Replace Farmhouse Faucet Kitchen – Being able to replace the kitchen faucet is a very useful knowledge. It is not so common that you can cook their taps when they start to drip or must be replaced completely; it can, however, save a lot of money. That probably even quicker to do it yourself than wait for the plumber. The modern mixers are effective and there are many energy-saving faucets that are good. If you have young children, there is also mixer with scald protection, and then they will not have to burn on the hot water.

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Before remove old farmhouse faucet, turn off the faucet and let any water in the pipes drain into the sink. Use the wrench and the wrench to loosen the nuts that are located on the pipes under the sink. Loosen the nut that secures the mixer under the sink with a pipe wrench. Pull up the mixer from the hole. Slide the bottom, too, so that nothing breaks.

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Clean the sink and around the recess before installing new farmhouse faucet. Put the new mixer pipe in the hole. Do not bend among species herbs too sharp, but with soft curves. Immerse the tubes so you can see them in parallel with the water pipes. Mark mixing tubes about 1 cm below water movement ends. Cut the pipe with a hacksaw. Saw straight. Then grind away what became ragged ends. Clear away any chips inside the copper pipes. Insert the copper pipes in the water pipes. Linda bunch of tape on connections so that it is absolutely tight and screw connections firmly. Turn on the water and test it thoroughly so that the mixer is working and not leaking anywhere. Allow it to drain a bit so that any dirt flowing from the new pipes.

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