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Antique padlocks can be any number of years old. There is no specific age that determines when a padlock is antique. Some antique padlocks can be part of a family for many years. Over time, these padlocks worn out and very old looking. If this happens, you can restore the ancient look of your lock just as you would restore the look of any other type of lock.

Posted on December 11, 2017 Hardware

Place a towel down on a flat surface, and the ancient padlock you will clean the top of the towel. The towel will prevent the surface where you set the padlock from cover with detergents or other material that you will use in the recovery process. Spray brass cleaner on a clean cloth. Rub the cleaner on antique padlocks start at one corner and work toward the other. Move in a circular motion back and forth over the surface of the padlock. Add more cleanly on the cloth. If necessary, and continue until the entire top of the padlock has been covered with the cleaner.

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As a result, turn antique padlocks over and spray more brass cleaner on another clean cloth. Rub the surface thoroughly, just as you did for the other side of the padlock and add more cleanly to the cloth if necessary. Then clean the top of the padlock next to it and scrub the bottom of the padlock with brass cleaner. Wipe the surface of the padlock with a clean cloth. Moving the fabric back and forth in a circular motion until all brass cleaner has been removed from the surface of the antique padlocks. Inspect the bolts and determine if the color restore. Repeat the process if necessary, to further restore the color.

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