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The basic structure of 60 vanity double sink built first, and then cut holes for sinks and plumbing from their layouts and sizes. The rough vanity sink is a project that requires only basic equipment and materials. The sinks can be installed at any distance, depending on personal preference and the size of the sinks themselves.

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The 60 vanity double sink can also be adjusted in height, width and depth to better reflect the dimensions of the room or the users. Have an assistant hold the two half by 48 inch board on their long, narrow edges about three meters apart. Keep these boards are parallel and consider them top and bottom boards. Position two cabinet side-mount hinges on each door and side board together, and mark the screw holes, lifting the doors slightly if necessary. Drill these holes and fasten the hinges with a half-inch wood screws.

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Place the unit against the wall where it will be installed and specify where the wall plumbing. Cut out the required parts with a saw. Reposition base and determine the location of the sink installations. Cut out the required areas and placing sinks in the cutouts.

Tips & warnings for rough 60 vanity double sink

Fasten the base to the wall with 3-inch wood screws screwed into wall studs. Do not put too much weight on the vanity or it can fall.

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