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Bathtub bench  – For people with disabilities, adapted equipment improves their independence and help them fill out daily activities. Both require a high degree of balance, which is persistence and mobility. There are several techniques to consider when you use a tub bench.

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Bathtub bench seats must be matched appropriately to the design of the shower or bath. There are several different types of seats available on the market. Tube seats typically have four legs with suction cup or non-slip feet. Seating can pivot or stay in a fixed position. They are available in different widths and are design to accommodate a specific weight range. Seats are also available with handles and backrest for add support and stability. Seating surfaces are perforated to allow water to pass through and may be padded for comfort. Tub benches can fit completely inside the tub or extend beyond the width of the tub.

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Safely transfer in a bathtub bench that is entirely locate inside the tub, walk to the edge of the tub directly in front of the bench. Turn around so that the butt is in line with the end of the bench and back up until you feel the bathtub against the back of the legs. Reach back with your hands and sit on the bench. Rotate and lift your legs up and over the edge of the bathtub.