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Hair dryer holder – A hairdryer holder will keep device available while out of way. Hold plywood down firmly on a flat surface. Use a cutting drill to cut out circle, making sure to keep your hand away from knife. Then, make sure to cut just outside circle you traced so that hole is large enough to easily fit hair dryer. Continue to hold plywood in place. Use drill to cut out square you drew in Step 1. You should now have a square piece of plywood with a hole in middle

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Place a rectangular piece of hair dryer holder Plywood in 1/2 inch thick. And 1 cm wide and 2 inches longer than square-on an edge of square, which makes a T-shape. Then, arrange two pieces so that hole in square will stand up when you mount other piece of plywood flat against wall. And then let right place at both ends of rectangular piece.

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Position hair dryer holder in a 1/4-inch stitch on back side of rectangular piece of plywood behind where it contacts on square piece and hammer through plywood. Repeat this on other end of rectangular piece to secure two pieces together. Position of Assembly on a wall in your bathroom. And use a drill to drive a first-inch screw through each end of front of mounting piece into in wall. Then, place nozzle of your hair dryer into hole after use, pointing at floor. Wrap cord around back of cradle.