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Slide bolt latch – There are several options to lock your gate. Starting from the gate latch which has a gate latch locks built to offer the hole to slide in the lock, to bolt, slide bolt. This includes key both as an integral part of the gate hooks, and as an additional gate latch (such as a padlock slipped through a hole in the hook). These range from old-style gate of the most basic hooks that you bind to a pull-string, through a highly engineered hook that has a lock as part of the design.

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All the doors were locked latch locked on one side only (the inside of the gate, usually in the yard). Sometimes you fall in love with slide bolt latch. But you need some measure of security at the gate. A latch is a choice that is really good. Installing the latch requires some tools and skills, but it looks and functions properly. Generally, side-mounted latch bolt. You may be able to find one that has the same finish with your hook.

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Slide Bolt LatchesSize: 1024 x 768

Slide Bolt Latch LockSize: 1024 x 768

Slide Bolt Latch BlackSize: 1024 x 516

Chain Slide Bolt LatchSize: 1024 x 768

Bobrick Slide Bolt LatchSize: 1024 x 527

Barrel Slide Bolt LatchSize: 1009 x 768

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There are two options for deadbolts: single cylinder or double cylinder. Single cylinder means that there is a button on the inside of the door slide bolt latch and typing in the side outside the gate. If you need to lock your garden gate from both sides, double-cylinder deadbolt is the ticket. You will have a hand typing on either side of the gate. If you only occasionally need security, you can leave a latch apart until you need them.


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