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Shower Bench Height Safety Options – Simply stated, a shower bench, shower chair, or shower stool is a level seating area. That allows you to sit in a comfortable position while bathing. A shower bench can be either built-in (at construction or through costly remodelling) or portable. A portable shower bench has a back rest for optimal support and comfort and a fairly large seating area.

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Many of these shower bench height have padded seats and offer seat height adjustments to accommodate every member of the family. These benches work best in shower/bathtub combinations. Where they fit completely inside the tub area. Shower benches are made from water resistant materials such as hard plastic and metal and are easy to clean. Shower stools are another cost-effective way to make your bathroom safer. These backless models are the smaller, less bulky cousins of the shower bench. Ideal for use in smaller spaces such as a shower stall.

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Shower Bench HeightSize: 900 x 900

Best Shower Bench HeightSize: 1200 x 1018

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Shower bench height offers the same safety benefits, waterproof materials, and easy cleanup as the benches. Just in a smaller package. A shower chair has all the best features of the shower bench and the shower stool. Usually the shower chair seat size resembles that of the stool, but it offers a back rest for better support. These shower chairs are available in many styles and are a great portable option to keep your family safe.

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