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Shower column – Shows exist in a variety of designs. They can build on a number of factors, including the shape, size and number of holes in the shower.  In this article we help you get it with a shower column. It is a way to have luxury at home at a reasonable price and without doing a tedious work in the bathroom. Then, you must choose the column you want for your bathroom. There are many colors and different materials like wood, stone or stainless steel. We recommend the latter as an image of efficiency and endurance. In addition, it is perfect for creating a minimalist, futuristic or simply elegant style.

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Consider whether to install it in a shower tray or in a bathtub. In the first one we will not need to place a faucet on the bottom. This shower column can set them on a flat wall or in a corner to better optimize the space. You can not forget to close the main faucet and check that the pipes are empty. To do this, open all the faucets in the bathroom until the water stops.

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Once emptied, you remove the old shower with particular attention to the water intake. To avoid any unforeseen circumstances, we recommend that you place a bucket or towel in the work area. The holes in the wall cover with restorative putty. The marking points of the shower column are marked with a marker. And also be sure to take the measurements well. Then, drill the marks and introduce the tacos with the help of a hammer.

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