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Shower drain assembly and sewers is an important part of building a new bathroom shower: The shower drain and sewer pipes carry waste water from the shower pan, helps prevent unwanted odors in the home. There are several types of shower drains available. PVC solvent weld shower drains and drainage pipes are popular choice for many home-building and plumbing contractors. Homeowners with little building experience may find that installing a shower drain and waste pipes can be very challenging.

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Pry shower screen from the shower drain assembly body with a flat screwdriver or similar tool. Squeeze a bead of silicone on the bottom lip of the shower drain body. Put the shower drain body into the shower pan drain hole while a gentle push down so that the silicone bonds to drain hole. Then, slide the shower drain rubber gasket on the shower drain body.

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Shower Drain Assembly SetSize: 1929 x 1447

Shower Drain Assembly PvcSize: 1600 x 1195

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And then screw the lock nut on the body wires shower drain assembly and tighten with a slip-wrench. Look horizontal drainage waste pipes near the shower drain. Hold a PVC fitting up to the horizontal pipes and mark the hub ends of the tubes with a marker. Then, cut the part of the waste pipes are marked on both brands with PVC hand saw or a reciprocating saw.