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Shower faucet replacement – First, turn the water supply to the house out. Find and mark the studs in the wall on both sides of the existing faucet. Remove shower head and enlargement. Second, place the carpenter’s level on brands. draw lines on the wall from the ceiling down to 12 inches under the tap. Cut wall to expose the plumbing.

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Next steps to shower faucet replacement is removing the old pressure. Please connect the water lines to place secure to the faucet with a pipe wrench. It may be necessary to keep the tap stationary with a second wrench when removing the nuts. Fourth, check the ends of the hot and cold water lines for damaged threads.

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Cut water pipes with pipe cutter 6 inches from the ends and cut replacements. For PVC pipe, glue a link to the new tube and then glue it to the existing pipe. For copper pipes, sweat a clutch on the new piece with the torch, flux and solder and then the existing pipe. Last, twist the strands of thread sealer tape in a clockwise direction. Install the new shower faucet replacement. The step is with match the ends of the water lines to the faucet. Then secure them using the nuts. Dont worry, the manufacturer.