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Shower seats – Although you can use a variety of methods to build a bench or a seat for your shower. Is the most solid method to build the first seats with cinder blocks. Mix up some mortar mix in a wheelbarrow with a shovel under the instructions of the manufacturer. Decide how large you want your bench to be and highlight some rough outlines on the floor with your tape measure and pencil. Put about an inch of mortar on top of the concrete shower pan with a shovel, in your pencil lines.

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Set your first row of blocks down on top of the mortar, which allows half-inch or so between the blocks that you space them out. The necessary cuts can be made with an angle grinder. Put the mill blade in the block, while the blade spins for cutting block. Fill the joints between the shower seats and bricks with mortar and ensure that there are mortars against the concrete running up the wall.

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Different row of blocks on top of the first. Layer least 1/2 inch mortar on top of the first row. And then set the second row of blocks and shower seats. Alternating blocks so you do not have the same vertical seams running up the wall. Press all the blocks together with the rubber mallet, including knocking them against the walls as concrete mortar bonds everywhere.

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