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Porcelain sinks – We have already seen in previous posts how to clean sinks of a certain material class. Today, we are going to try to care for and wash porcelain sinks. This type of material, over time, turns brown because of its wear. It is necessary to think that an infinity of natural and chemical products rest on this type of surface. Here are a few tips to keep this from happening and know how to clean these types of batteries.

Posted on January 17, 2018 Hardware

First of all, it will clean any residue that we can find in porcelain sinks. If there are leftovers of products that have glued use a little hot water. Once we have done this step, apply powdered detergent that we will scrub with a sponge until all dirt has been removed. After this step, with a dry cloth, we will dry and remove all soap. In case stains still persist we will have to make several passes. And soak affect surface with lemon juice or vinegar about ten minutes or so.

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Farm Porcelain SinksSize: 900 x 600

Double Porcelain SinksSize: 1248 x 832

Corner Porcelain SinksSize: 1500 x 1500

To keep porcelain sinks even cleaner. We need to apply a specific gel for porcelain furniture when bench is completely dry and clean. After applying this product. After a while, we will rinse it with a clean cloth. Despite these tips it is advisable not to use harsh chemicals as damage it can cause on material may be irreversible.

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