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Bathtub handles – very first step to fixing your faucet and two handle tubs is to stop water supply leading to faucet. After that, you have to remove trim. This chrome or brass plate part of handles. And escutcheons that usually rings or tubes or cones that hide holes in wall. Remove weapon as cones using a screwdriver to loosen screw. And pull it out with a screwdriver, if shield looks like a hose with a separate ring on back of.

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Remember that most faucets have valves in nut. You to remove and replace bathtub handles with a bonnet. Use a wrench and tighten hood out of its place. Never use vice grips because it could crush bonnet, which is compose of soft brass. Remove each slice and pack while you finish bonnet. Then replace bib washers and screws on back side of stem. Your faucet will have a ceiling wire seal on rear of bonnet. You have to remove pluck it out with a small screwdriver.

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You have to screw assembly back into body valve with a stem in bonnet is held in fully open position. Use your wrench and tighten it up, but do not over tighten it. Then, turn valve that you have repair water will leak from packing nut. Switch your wrench on supply and leakage will stop. Be sure to check for leaks around hood your two bathtub handles and its rooster set