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Wrought iron coat rack – Decorative wrought iron hooks is an attractive and robust way to organize your home. Whether used in a hall to hold coats and dog leashes, a bathroom for towels or a bedroom for clothes, wrought iron hooks has lots of uses. The wrought iron makes them durable and also useful. And you have a variety of designs to adapt to any decorating style.

Posted on March 3, 2017 Hardware

Wrought iron coat rack is make of cast iron which has been melt on a bed of iron oxide. After it has been melt, change the chemical properties of iron as its melting point to increase. In turn, changes the iron texture, then it is time to remove from the fire and hammer in shape. Wrought iron is strong and tough and can be weld and forge.

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Wrought Iron Coat RackSize: 1500 x 995

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Because of wrought iron form ability, it can be shape to resemble a variety of styles. From country to traditional to ornate. Wrought iron coat rack can simply furnish attach to the hook, which is incorporate into a design . Like a number of cats with their tails for hooks. And also a series of hooks with design link above. Popularity as a coat hook material is testimony to its variety design styles. One of the most common designs, a simple double-curved hook, with a ball at the end of each curve. This prevents coats and hats slipping off a hook.