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Single panel fireplace screen – A fireplace is either a warm, cozy focal point for a room or a gaping black hole blemish. Live flaming fires pose a security risk and dirty, dingy, unused fireplaces are, well, just ugly. Fireplace screens are a cure for both situations. Different fuels burn at different temperatures, some hotter than others. Each fireplace screen must comply with fire safety regulations and prevent sparks from flying around. Fortunately, there are many fireplace screen ideas available to improve your fireplace if you use it or not.

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Single panel fireplace screen is almost flush with the fireplace opening, keep flames and sparks contain. They may even be a little bow to sit against jagged rock wall fireplaces. Single panel screens take up a minimum amount of legroom. Several panel screens are traditional and robust. Four and five panel screens against the big fireplaces. The panels can make of glass, heat-set screens or finely detailed metal

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As a result, glass single panel fireplace screen come in unadorned clear or frosted glass in sturdy metal frames or elegantly designed glass art. Plain glass screens allow the beauty of the fire to shine through while pattern or mosaic stain glass adds to a dance by the light of the fire behind the screen. Although the fireplace is unusable, a grouping of lights behind the screen provides a similar warming effect.

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