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Sink drains – Proper installation is key to your bathroom sink drain to function properly in the long term. As time passes, pipes and drains will loosen and leak. Based on these facts, it is recommended that you do a proper installation to ensure durability. In addition, you should also use high quality parts and materials. You also need to make sure that you also avoid mistakes in the installation process.

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If not, you sink drains will not work well and the initial leakage can also occur. Here are some common installation mistakes that you should avoid: When installing the drains, you must make sure that the connections are tightly fastened. However, do not tighten the connections are secure because it can lead to cracks and tension. It also can cause warping, which will allow water to pass through. Most people tighten the connection too tight and cracks that occur after that. You should also check washers because they have the task to seal air leaks in pipes.

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Sometimes, people do not really pay attention to the materials used to manufacture the parts when installing sink drains. Stainless steel is a material which is recommended because it offers more durability than other materials. If you buy a drain arranged separately, do not check if other parts are also made of stainless steel.


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