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Small clawfoot tub – Create a bathroom space that is relaxing, luxurious and functional is a challenge for homeowners with limit space. Bath requires most space of all necessary sanitary ware. So choose a smaller type size that still fits your needs. And your taste is a simple way to save valuable square meters. Correct small tub for your space depends on your layout, budget and bathing needs.

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Freestanding bathtubs eliminate the need for a tub surround or next to the wall, so you have considerable freedom when it comes to choosing the placement of the bath in your small space. The bathtub only needs access to pipes and drains. Freestanding bathtubs include traditional small clawfoot tub and more contemporary Japanese-style bath, which tend to hold more water and take up less space.

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As a result, corner small clawfoot tub has a triangular surround design to tuck away in a corner of your bathroom. Corners are often underutilized areas into small bathroom. And a corner bath is a suitable option for homeowners who want to maximize the functionality of their available surfaces. Some corner bath is larger than standard tubs because they are design to accommodate two people. But the smaller corner-style tub for personal use is also available. If you choose a corner tub, be aware that many models offer only hand held shower sprayers. Because most models are intend for soaking. And also, you can wall mount the shower head.  If you have existing in-wall plumbing is in the corner space.

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If the bathroom you want a modern look, consider designing ideas that will increase the value of your home and will be in style for years to come. Good lighting is one of the main items to be included when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. Bathroom with inadequate lighting will cast a shadow on your face that reminds you of times you told scary stories with a torch held in your face. To avoid this problem, installing lamps with a dimmer eye level on each side of your mirror to point towards you. If you have recessed lighting, install it close to your mirror, centered over the tap.

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If you want to change the length of a bathtub but space constraints that you install a prolonged bath. There is still hope for a good, relaxing soak. Make sure to buy a bathtub that does not necessarily longer, but is higher. Taller walls of the soaking tub you can sit with water above the knees. Luxurious bath with longer walls include clawfoot tub, which is bent on your head so you can sit back and relax. By adding a curved curtain rod, which gives you more space arm when you take a shower. You can update your tub and shower.

Poor storage can make a small bathroom feel even smaller. Take advantage of the vertical space in your bathroom by adding high shelves and cabinets. In addition, free up counter space by installing power outlets inside the cabinets. This way, you can store and recharge electric toothbrushes and razors while keeping them out of sight.

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If you are rebuilding on a budget but want to make a big difference in the look of your bathroom. Update your vanity and sink. Choose a vanity and sink to match your home decor after selecting the new hardware, paint the bathroom in a color that accents and complements the new furniture.