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Fireplace mantel shelf – The fireplace mantel can be extend beyond the width of the fireplace for add shelving. This space can be use for additional picture frames, books and also to place the rest of your collection of figurines. Use this extended shelving to arrange the other room decor. And place the most important pieces of art in or around the shelf.

Posted on September 9, 2017 Hardware

You can have the shelf extended by one or two feet beyond the width of the fireplace. Or you can have it built to extend to the wall on either side. Which is an add benefit if you have a large family. And you want to hang the stockings for all by their celebration of Christmas. For more than one abstract design, you can place scattered fireplace mantel shelf above and around the fireplace. These shelves can be two to three feet around the fireplace. Or they can cover the entire wall.

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The sporadic placement of shelves makes for abstract design. And also add to the beauty of the actual location of the shelves. This idea can be added to the other options of extending the fireplace mantel shelf . And making the fireplace to make the entire wall a work of art. A portion can be for collector items, another portion of the photos of you and your family. And the final place of floral arrangements and also other items that you want to put on the screen.