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Thermostatic Shower System – Although surely many of you already know the characteristics and advantages of a thermostatic faucet. Because of its popular use and installation common in showers and baths. We want to talk about this model of faucet that has many qualities. And presents great advantages in terms of savings. And also security. It’s not just any tap.

Posted on September 29, 2017 shower

A thermostatic shower system is characteristic by having two controls. Or regulators that are in charge of controlling. One the temperature of the water and another, the flow of the same. The important thing, however, is that you can choose the exact temperature you want without risk of mistaking or burning. The latter is what differentiates these faucets from those which. Although they also regulate temperature and flow. Are not exact measurements with exact indicators and safety and saving limits.

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Thermostatic shower system include saving systems, usually with an intermediate stop. So, that when you get to it only half or one third of the maximum flow comes out. As for safety, normally the temperature control has a limit at 38-40 ° C. So if you want a warmer temperature. You should press another button to let the faucet let water out at a higher temperature. This system is very useful when bathing children or elderly people.