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Shower head extension pipe – If you are not sure of the differences between a conventional shower head. And a shower head to save water, you are potentially missing out on huge opportunities to save water. As well as money on your bills for energy and consumption. It is well know that the area of ​​the house where many of us use most of the water is the bathroom. This is especially true if you have a large family. Or live in a shared house where four or five people regularly take showers or toilets, for example.

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While there is not much you can do to save water while you take a bath. Other than resolving to bathe with as little water as possible. A product as simple and cost-effective as the shower head extension pipe to save water can make a big difference in the shower.

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These are widely seen in older shower head extension pipe models. But is also a common feature of high pressure showers. Although many countries around the world. Including the United Kingdom and the United States. Currently have legislation restricting how much water flow a showerhead allows. The limit is usually still significantly higher than it is really need to enjoy a shower.

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