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Tension shower curtain rod – Tents of clothes hanging on a room and makes it more inviting by adding texture and color to the room without taking up floor space. While you can not make holes in the walls for installing mounting brackets for a variety of reasons. That does not mean that you can not hang curtains. Using a tension curtain rod, sometimes called an adjustable spring rod. Your can place the tents anywhere inside of the window frame you want to support long curtains.

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The installation of a new tension shower curtain rod can help turn a bathroom with a completely new look without spending a major renovation. This low-budget makeover can be changed seasonally or whenever the need arises. You do not need any tools to complete this project, simply buy the necessary items.

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Holding the tension shower curtain rod in the upper part and start to rotate the rod up to meet the ends to the wall. Rods are loaded so you will need to rotate until you have a secure and tight fit spring. Add the shower curtain hooks to the tension rod. The number of hooks depend on the shower curtain. It is easier to add the hooks after the auction is in place, so they do not fall off during the installation process. Hang the shower curtain on the hooks. Once in position, move the shower curtain the length of the shower walls to ensure water does not escape.

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