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Ideally, a Japanese soaking tubs style has a large tub. Or bath (ofuro in Japanese) with rounded edges for proper water flow, following the basic principle of Feng Shui. The same concept should be reflect in all areas as far as possible; rounded in the sink and the sinuous forms in other objects, such as lighting, they provide the necessary edges to achieve a natural look organically.

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A great idea to built a rustic bathtub with stones, natural ceramic or wood.  In the West you can use other types of wood, whenever strong enough to not affect moisture. If you do not have a bath, you can adapt these ideas to the shower area. Changer in an annex room is typical Japanese Soaking Tubs . To implement it , you can divide the shower area. And also dressing room sink with opaque panels or dividers glass, polycarbonate or Japanese screens classics.

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Neutral and soft colors like earthy tones, should prevail in walls, ceramics, curtains and sanitary equipment; textures, which can be incorporated by a carpet, a finish on any surface, such as a textured patina or an art object must be present. The accessories for bathroom decor should be few and well options. An art object, a plant that thrives in moist conditions such as bamboo, some candles, stones or wooden objects are ideal and will give the final touch to the decor Japanese soaking tubs style.