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Tiered plant stand – Trash to treasure and shabby-chic decorating plans focus on turning old items into something new for your home or garden. Many times, this involves revitalizing an item and gives it a new use. When you are ready to add a tiered plant stand for your home or garden, take a look around at the things you already own. You may just find ideas for tiered plant stands that involves the use of anything you or your children grew.

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Rolling metal carts, such as those used by the libraries, schools and cafeterias, consist of three or four shelves with a handle and four wheels for easy movement. Occasionally, these metal goods vehicles sold as tea cars, because the shelves are flat and wide enough to transport a full tea service. Regardless of their original function, the coaches make ideal tiered plant stand. If you plan to use the cart outside any rust or dents are not a problem.

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Good Tiered Plant StandSize: 900 x 1200

Nice Tiered Plant StandSize: 1023 x 680

Top Tiered Plant StandSize: 800 x 880

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If you use it in the house, you may want to cover the shelves with a light coat of paint first. Use paint designed for use on metal surfaces. Craft tiered plant stand from cheap bookshelves. Take back from the bookshelf; this lets more light reach the plants and also gives you a view of plants from several angles. Bookshelves make large multipurpose plant stands as well. Store garden tools on the lower shelves and plants on the upper shelves.

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