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32 inch bathroom vanity – Adding a tiled bench to your vanity can change the entire decor of your bathroom. With hundreds of tile patterns on the market today can match or create any style you like. You can install a beautiful lake scene or limit your bench with no more effort than usual tiles. With a little work, you can create a 32 inch bathroom vanity top that is beautiful and durable.

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Remove the old sink and vanity top if there is one. It is very important that your vanity to be level. Use shims underneath if it’s out there. Place a water resistant barrier over the plywood. Place the backer board on top of the plywood and go into vanity and trace out the sink opening.

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Check the level again. Sometimes plywood or backer board is something and you want to be sure that you have the level. The 32 inch bathroom vanity should have pieces of wood to attach to the bench. Make sure you have your back against the wall butting tightly. Mix the thin set to manufacturer’s instructions. Start at a front corner and work your way back.

Place your tiles and putting spacers between the V-caps. Pull out the spacers and mix the grout. It is best to use an unhanded grout on wet surfaces. Clean tile and grout well with a soft brush, then wipe again with clean water and a sponge. Let dry for about an hour and apply the tile and grout sealer.

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