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Ceiling mount curtain rods – The curtain is free on the way out and it’s so nice, no front of cozy fabrics in windows. When the choice of curtains are good, the second-hardest namely choosing the right curtain rod. There are about a million different variations of curtain rods in the market so it can be easy to get lost.

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Many people choose just ceiling mount curtain rods that it looks good in the store. This is wrong when you have to start from the rest of the decor in the room to get a nice contrast and balance. Many black interior of the room, choose a black curtain rod. Is it more golden cushions and ornaments then it is beautiful to match them with a gold curtain rod. There has been no consistent color code in the room so choose ISF. White curtain rod and set it up at the ceiling. Then it looks like the curtain rod becomes one with the roof and enlarges the window height.

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Everyone wants to have more airy windows. What one should avoid is to place the ceiling mount curtain rods for low and keep it short. A curtain rod in the window frame is as short pants in my book that is wrong. No place the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible. As for the length of the rod, the walk 15-20 cm beyond each window side. Then the curtain rolls to his right and that the window immediately looks much wider out.

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