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Curtain hook – If you’re hanging a curtain or a curtain, if your window treatment does not have a pocket to just slip over the rod. You will probably need curtain hooks or like to hang your curtain. Curtain hooks are hooks that slide in small pockets, typically between hook and fold over a pole to keep the curtain in place. Location first hooks, before fixing and slide your curtain over your curtain hooks, first place your hooks on the road. Stand on a chair and attach your curtain to each hook individually. Although this requires you to keep the curtain, the curtain is attached when the hooks on the rod usually faster. It also helps with the location and arrangement of the curtain itself, because you can arrange as you go along.

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Whether you are working with a large or a small window treatment. And leave space between each curtain hook that you can hang your curtains. Usually, you want to leave about 3 inches between each hook. Space can between your curtain hooks to hang properly and slide freely along the curtain rod when you open and close your curtains. Too many curtain hooks can cause your curtain to become stuck or difficult to move.

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If you do not have basic curtain hooks home and cannot find one at local stores, create curtain hooks of items around the house. Attach coat hooks on the wall above your window and use them to create a solid curtain. Bend cheap cutlery, forks and spoons in hooks for curtain hooks in the kitchen. If the traditional curtain hook is not for you, use cup hooks to hang curtains with rings or bands.

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