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Tub faucet replacement – The key to a successful bathtub faucet replacement is to choose the ideal replacement spout. According to Home Tips website, the most protracted bathroom fixtures made of brass. Brass taps can cover in colored enamel, chromium, tin, nickel, gold or bronze plating. This allows homeowners to choose a replacement spout without sacrificing quality for an aesthetic appearance. Aubuchon Hardware is recommended that you measure the gaps where the tap connected to the drain, and take these measurements and the old faucet to the hardware store to choose the best replacement.

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The short piece of threaded pipe extending from the bathroom wall is call a nipple. Different tub faucet replacement types require different lengths of nipples to keep safe, according to Family Handyman website. Buy some lengths of pipe nipples from the hardware store to ensure proper length is available. Extra nipples can be return when the project is complete.

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Screw pipe nipple from the wall with a pipe wrench. Short sections may be too small for a pipe wrench to retrieve. In these cases, an internal pipe wrench work best. Select the correct length of replacement nipple and cover Even € ™ s edges with thread tape. Screw the nipple on the tube fits inside the wall. Tight connection with silicone caulk. Slide the new tub faucet replacement spout. Turning a screw-on model clockwise to secure it in place, or tighten the fixing screw on a mounting screw spout.