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HVAC vent covers – Dryer vents can be a welcoming home for birds. They like to get away from the outside elements and will build housing in your outside dryer vent. The only way to keep them out and keep the air flow movement is to install a dryer vent cover, which is a one-piece unit that includes metal pipe passing through the wall of the dryer tube. Then installation will take an hour, a few tools and some caulk to perform.

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To install HVAC vent covers, indoor Pull the dryer away from the wall and remove the dryer hose from the outside vent by loosening the clamp with a screwdriver. Go outside and remove the four screws that hold the dryer vent shroud to the housing using a Phillips screwdriver. Vent shroud may have caulk around the seam. If it does, slip a putty knife in between the screen and housing to break the seal. Then pull vent shroud away from the house, removing the shroud and solid tube that goes through the wall.

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As a result, clean around the vent; remove the old caulk by scraping it off with a putty knife. Then set the fixed tube of the HVAC vent covers in the wall. And then make sure the vent cover is flush against the house. Then use fire rust-resistant screws and a Phillips screwdriver; attach the dryer vent cover to the house. Apply a strip of outdoor caulk around the seam between the HVAC vent covers and the housing using a caulking gun. Go inside the home and connect the dryer hose to the new dryer vent. Slide the dryer back into its position.

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