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Water pressure regulator – Water will often tread water-using appliances at different pressures without a regulator mounted. Without water pressure regulator, damage to equipment, including burst water pipes may occur. New controllers can be adjusted so that a constant water pressure is maintained regardless of the pressure entering the valve. To do this, simply turn the adjustment screw, located on top of the water pressure regulator.

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Turn off the water to your home and open a faucet to get rid of any remaining water in the pipes. Close the tap when the tap runs out. Place the bucket under the water pressure regulator to catch any water that comes out when you remove the old regulator. Wrap your wrench around the nut holding the pipe union clutch in place. Turn the nuts counterclockwise and hold the controller when the nuts almost removed to prevent the regulator from falling. Pull the old regulator off when the nuts are completely remove. Place your new regulator in place on the main water supply pipes.

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To install the water pressure regulator, turn union coupling nut clockwise on the controller using your key. Tighten the nuts until the controller remains in place. Open the tap and turn on the water supply to your home. Adjust the pressure of the water coming out of the tap by turning the adjustment screw on the top of the controller. You must loosen the nut that holds the screw in place with the wrench before turning the screw with your screwdriver. Tighten the nut and the adjuster screw when you have reached the desired water pressure.

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