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Aluminum mailbox parts – If you have driven down most any neighborhood street, you probably noticed paint chipping from more than an aluminum mailbox. The culprit in this type of wear is almost invariably poor pretreatment. Since metal surfaces are slick and non-porous, they must be conditioned before the paint will adhere to them. Unfortunately, aluminum durability friction-based abrasion techniques useless. You will need to apply a special type of primer that will abrade the surface of the mailbox, or you will eventually end up with chipping and peeling.

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Starting paint an aluminum mailbox with remove the address number of the mailbox. If they are screw on, use a screwdriver. Then, using a water-based degreaser to clean Scrub the aluminum mailbox. Rinse mailbox with a water hose. Allow the surface to dry completely, and then scrape away any loose or flaking paint from the mailbox by using a plastic spatula.

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To the mailbox flag and other areas in the mailbox you want left unpainted, apply painter’s tape. Apply a rust spray sealer to all areas of rust aluminum mailbox. Apply a coat of etching primer to the entire mailbox after allow the sealer to dry. Allow the etching primer for 4 hours, and then apply two coats of acrylic spray paint. Allow two hours drying time between coats.