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Toilet flange – If you removed the toilet flange when removing an old toilet, you can install the old toilet flange to use with your new toilet as long as the piece is still in good shape. Also called a closet flange, the toilet flange of a circular metal or PVC piece that sits flush with the ground and connect your toilet to the soil pipe, which takes the waste from your toilet away. The flange also serves to secure the toilet to the floor in the correct position.

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Install the new sewer pipe, if you removed it with the flange. Apply PVC primer to the end of the pipe in the hole in the floor. If the drain pipe is removed, it is typically a closet bend.  Stick the end of the drain pipe with primer and cement in the closet bend the pipe in the hole in the floor. Twist to secure tube.

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Apply PVC primer to the inside of the toilet flange and the outside of the end of the drain pipe.  Map closet flange on the end of the drain pipe. Press and rotate the flange until it is tight against the floor and the large vertical slits on either side of the flange is precisely the left and right of the hole in the floor.  Screw the toilet flange to the floor through the holes in the flange collar with a drill and stainless steel screws. Try to move the flange when the screws are in place to ensure the flange is secure.

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