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How To Install Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod

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How To Install Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod – Some houses and flats have a short wall where a window is place. Which can be a problem when installing a curtain rod. Other curtain rod mounting method is need, especially when you install an extra wide curtain rod. With the help of the side walls next to the window and the ceiling above the window can be a good alternative to regular curtain rod ceiling mounting. Things you need; Paint, Closet – rod brackets, Pencil, Tape ceiling brackets, drywall anchors, curtain rod, bolts

Paint the closet rod mounting brackets the same color as the walls. Or other complementary color before installing ceiling mount curtain rod let the paint dry thoroughly. Place a bracket on side wall about 2 inches above the top of the window trim and make a pencil mark on the top of the bracket. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the top of the bracket and add measuring wall opposite side at the same distance from the ceiling measured in steps 2 and make a mark where the bracket is use. Screw in the closet rod brackets on both side walls. Place the curtain rod in the brackets.

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Mark roof where the ceiling mount curtain rod bracket will be install. It is best to have a console just past each side of the window and in the middle of the window.  Installing drywall anchor each of the brackets will be placed. Drill a small hole that is not longer than the screw in the wall where the screw will be installed. Set gypsum anchor over the hole and gently tapping it in place with the help of a small hammer. Set each bracket over the anchor and attach them to the ceiling with screws. Place the curtain rod in the brackets.

Choose Polyester Shower Curtain Styles

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Polyester shower curtain – A shower curtain is a must for every home and besides being functional. It is a personal choice. The two most popular materials options have advantages and disadvantages. While durability, cleanliness, and appearance are just a few of the considerations. To consider when choosing a shower curtain for your bathroom.

Shower curtains are of two types: polyester and plastic. Depending on the decoration of your bathroom. You can choose the type of curtain that best matches the style of your home and the colors of your bathroom. Generally, if the outer shower curtain is plastic, the coating should also be of this material. An outer polyester shower curtain can combine with either plastic or fabric lining.

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Polyester shower curtain are a more expensive option, although in some cases they are also more durable. Made from washable polyester or cotton in most cases, bath curtains are usually also sell as “mold proof”. Which means they do not pick up mildew from slowly draining tubs. Fabric shower curtains usually come in white or cream, while the exterior curtains can be any number of colors, textures and designs. Fabric liners can be attached to an outer liner in a number of ways, with buttonholes and buttons that are cut with finished holes with thread edges or holes reinforced with metal rivets.

Vinyl Shower Curtain Are The Most Elegant Of All Designer Shower Curtains

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Vinyl shower curtain – If you’re looking for an easy way to add a touch of elegance. And a fresh new appeal to your bathroom shower curtain fabric then is what you might be look for. Cain is the number one choice for the next shower curtain would be a vinyl shower curtain. If you’re looking for a shower curtain treatments using silk, cotton, wool or linen. Then the shower curtain designer will fill your needs.

In this article we will review vinyl shower curtain. This particular designer fabric shower curtains are available in a huge range of colors. Styles and even different patterns for every occasion or your new look may be look for. By adding a new shower curtain fabric you will be adding a great statement for your bathroom décor. That will allow you to customize the bathroom window curtains, towels, floor mats and even trash.

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Vinyl shower curtain is usually treat with a water repel coatings to help extend the life of the fabric shower curtain. When you choose shower curtain textiles you should also add a new. Shower curtain liner to protect the fabric from direct spray of the shower. Manufacturers realize the importance and the great impact on the shower curtain has a bathroom decorating it, that’s why they will offer shower curtain fabric, vinyl blinds up to a very special high-quality brand designed shower curtain.


Dye A Cotton Stall Shower Curtains

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Stall shower curtains – If you want to give your cotton shower curtain an aged look or you want to hide mineral stains, dying tea offers a way to change the look of your bathroom. Use some kitchen items to do homework at home. Cotton dyed tea fabric for a better result than synthetic fabrics. Boil 18 cups water, 4 cups of water per yard of fabric in a large pot. Remove the pot from the heat. Add 36 black tea bags to the water. Steep at least 5 to 10 minutes more darker dye. Throw away tea bags after soaking.

Saturate cotton stall shower curtains cold water in the sink while tea dye declines. Drain excess fresh water from the curtain. Dip the fabric into the pot, pushing the cotton into the tincture with a long spoon. Stir frequently fabric absorbing dye to ensure even color. Soak until the color you like.

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Stall Shower CurtainsSize: 900 x 900

Furthermore, remove the stall shower curtains dyeing. Rinse with cool water until the water comes out clean. Mix two parts vinegar in a part of water. Add 2 tablespoons of salt. Soak the curtain in the fixative for about 20 minutes, stirring often to distribute the mixture evenly. Rinse with cold water. Wash them in gentle cycle detergent for delicate laundry of your washer. Then, hang to dry.

Installing Shower Curtain Tension Rod

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Shower curtain tension rod – There are two basic options for installing shower rod: permanent shower rods or spring tension rods. Spring rods can install without damaging the ceramic tiles, but over time they tend to slip out of place no matter how much tension is initially apply. Use a tape measure to mark the hole locations. No doubt the shower rod is level, measure from the floor or bathtub to the desire height on both walls.

Place tape on the walls according to your measurements for shower curtain tension rod. Mark the locations of the holes with a pencil. The tape helps prevent the drill from slipping against the tile when drilling begins. Then put on eye protection. Hold the drill firmly and start drilling at a slow speed. The drill will be held at right angles to the wall so that the bit goes directly into the tile. Angled drilling can cause crack tile.

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Furthermore, insert anchors into the drilled holes, followed by the remaining hardware. If the shower curtain tension rod is adjustable, screw on both supports. If not, screw one of the brackets in. Insert one end of the rod into the bracket. Attach the other bracket without screwing it in, then insert the other end of the bar and screw down.

Beautiful Yet Functional Curved Curtain Rod

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Curved curtain rod on the curtain rod across both beautiful and practical, curtains can be purchased in an unlimited number of beautiful colors and designs that will create a wonderful backdrop for the rest of the room. By placing them on a traverse rod, you will be able to open and close them without touching them every time, so keep them clean. There are many types of stem decorators across, too, which adds another subtle detail to the appearance of your window. By mixing and matching different fixtures and curtains, you can end up with unique window treatments on your own.

Curved curtain rod is working on a pulley system, so when you buy a new rod, you want to make sure their quality is high enough to operate smoothly for years. Either rod or blinds are cheap, so most people do not choose to change them very often. Although the hardware is designed to be decorative, it is also quite basic in color and style to fit into different types of decorations.

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Curved Curtain Rod IKEASize: 1024 x 572

Curved Curtain Rod DIYSize: 1017 x 768

Curved curtain rod comes in a number of different forms of highly ornate to simple. If you have small children at home, you’ll want to choose a traverse rod with one cable technology that does not pose a choking hazard to small children. Three different grades of white crosses rod base available, a rod usually recommended for very light sheers or blinds. A heavy duty rod equipped with a support center to carry heavier loads.


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The Benefits Of Having Double Curtain Rods

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One great thing to know is the use of home improvement activity double curtain rods. Here you will find the benefits of having a double curtain rod above the other. But before that, let me first tell you why it is needed in the improvement of our house.

One area of ​​our home where we can improve is in the area of ​​our window. If we had used a curtain over the years, I think it’s time to turn it into something different. We need to change it to something more interesting. One option to fix this is to use double curtain rods. But why do you think it is much better than the other types.

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Double Curtain Rods 144Size: 1024 x 682

Using double curtain rods, you can hang two curtains different at the same time. This is the main reason. That is why it has kind of like this is really a great thing to consider. We usually look at a few houses single curtain on their window area. A thick curtain fabric usually depends on the type of it. The problem here is that if we want to allow some light to pass through during the day, we need to open the curtains and move on the outside. However, the amount of incoming light is more than enough for what we wanted. We had no choice because we use such kind of curtain rods.


Ideal Corner Curtain Rod Window

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Corner curtain rod – While corner windows can be architecturally pleasing from the outside, inside can be problematic for decorators,. Professionals and hobbyists alike. Corner windows can make rooms appear cramped. And allow sunlight to enter rooms from two different angles. For these reasons, covering corner windows can be particularly difficult.

For smaller spaces with corner curtain rod. Such as bedrooms or bathrooms, consider using pairs of matching curtains, and also symmetrical. These will help define each window while keeping the total space tied together. In addition, using different pairs of curtains for each window . It will allow you to open or close individually. Which gives you better control of the sunlight coming.

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Ideal Corner Curtain RodSize: 1024 x 682

Racks are short, decorative sections of curtains, which are usually place along the top of windows. According to Better Homes and Garden, rooms with particularly large corner curtain rod. Try to suspend a continuous valance along their covers. So ties, tassels or other patterns in the valance are repeat. While you can suspend valances using simple pegs. And also you can go for a more aerodynamic look by using ceiling brackets. To increase the functionality of your corner window treatments, try combining traditional curtains with valences. This will allow you to completely cover your windows if necessary.

Prevent Rust In The Shower Curtain Rod Hooks

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Curtain rod hooks from metal or rings are easy prey to rust. This is because the hooks are constantly exposed to humidity and moisture inevitably faster to corrosion. If your home water has high iron content, the problem will only get worse, as rust is none other than iron or combination of iron and oxygen. Fortunately, you can prevent the formation of rust and prevent the replacement of your metal curtain rod hooks plastic.


Remove the shower curtain from hooks or rings. Most hooks simply lift or snap off the curtain rod. Remove the rust already on the metal hooks. Soak hooks in undiluted vinegar or lemon juice overnight. Acidic fluid will loosen and remove rust. Use steel wool grade 0000 to polish all the remaining corrosion of hooks.

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Dampen a cloth with white spirit and thoroughly dry the shower curtain hooks to remove all dirt, grime and soap scum. The hooks to air dry completely before proceeding. Apply a paste car wax shower curtain rod hooks.

Do not use cream-type car waxes, because they contain water and provide less protection than a paste wax. Reconnect the shower curtain rod hooks. Clean hooks shower curtain with white spirit about once a month or as needed. Reuse paste car wax after each cleaning to prevent future rust.

Curtain Holder Ideas

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Curtain holder is both practical and decorative, and they range from the ornate to the simple. Curtain holders in brass, pewter, whimsical shapes and even plain wooden discs. No matter what your style, curtain holders, you can open and close your curtains without the need to establish or adjust them more than necessary. Hanging curtain holders is an easy task that you can perform yourself.


Measure where you want to place your curtain holder, with regard to the length and width of the shape curtain holder. Mark the location on the outside of the window frame or near the window if there is no frame. You will have a curtain holder on each side of the window. If you have a hook-shaped holder, the traditional hooks for holders pointing from the window.

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If you have curtain holders who have a record behind decorative holder, there is no left or right holder. The curtain will simply be placed alongside the owner’s mail. Place a drywall anchor on top of the pencil marks and screw the anchor into the drywall with a screwdriver. Vacuum plaster chips from the carpet and wall.

Screw curtain holder in plaster. There are two types of curtain holders: those having a screw built into the underside of post holder curtain, and which has cut out holes in which a screw is screwed through the hole and cut into the plaster anchor. Place the curtain panel’s suitable curtain holder. Panel curtain goes left beside or in the left panel curtain holder and right curtain goes into or next to the correct curtain holder.