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Custom Mailbox Posts From Wood

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Mailbox Posts – A beautiful mailbox can add to the curb appeal of your home. But you cannot have a mailbox without a post to hold it up. A simple wooden mailbox post can make in almost no time and only requires a few inexpensive materials. A simple post box can accentuate your home and landscape.

Instructions:  Dig a hole 1 foot deep where you want your mailbox to go. You need to contact your local post office before moving your mailbox support because your mailbox posts have to be approved by the Postal Service. As a post in the hole of the wood and fix it with cement. Making sure that the top of the post is level. Under USPS Post Regulations, you must install the mailbox with the bottom of the carton to a vertical height of 41 to 45 inches from the road surface. Unless you have a road or sidewalk condition that prevents this.

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Once the cement has dried, place the wooden base on top of the post with drill screws. Use the level to make sure the base is level. You are ready to fasten your mailbox posts for your new post. You can choose to improve your new post by adding paint, stain or another form of decoration.

Installing Gate Latches For Beginners

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Gate Latches – If you are looking for greater privacy and security for an area. It is best to install a latch on the front gate door. Installing the latch is a very simple task that will only take a few minutes. So you can do it yourself from home. There are latches with different finishes, so you can find the one that best fits the design of your home and does not neglect the decoration of the area.

Here are the steps to follow for the installation: The latch is forming by two pieces. One that is places in the gate door (in the inner face) and another in the frame. First, the gate latches base plate will be installed on the gate door. To do this, place the level on the gate door leaf and mark its position. Place the plate on the gate door leaf, at the desired height, and fix it with a few screws. Then place the latch and the trim on the plate.

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Gate Latches WoodSize: 800 x 600

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Gate Latches IdeasSize: 1067 x 800

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Gate Latches FenceSize: 907 x 655

Gate Latches DoubleSize: 1000 x 1000

Gate Latches DesignSize: 1024 x 683

Now we will go to the frame of your gate door: We approach the gate door until the jamb and mark the height to which the latch is in the frame. If the jamb has some type of molding or relief. We must make a recess in the wood with a chisel. So that it does not prevent the correct placement of the gate latches. Once done, we can already place the plate of the part of the frame and fix it to the height indicated above.

Large Outdoor Lanterns: Look So Wonderful!

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Large outdoor lanterns – As we all know the lighting is one of the easiest. And least expensive ways to become charming to any outdoor space. Lamps can be adjusted on the floor near the site you want to illuminate. Or focus on but you can also hang them at strategic points on the terrace or the garden.

The cocktails at sunset are most memorable. When it has a design complement like a lantern inspire by the Asian or Moroccan style. The large outdoor lanterns are very decorative. This large hangs on the table creating a cozy outdoor setting. We have another black lamp on the floor that makes an extra light that falls on the side table in this Mediterranean-style garden.

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At many online shops, you will find lanterns in various sizes and colors. Example, you can combine several lantern together. And put them on the floor or let a single lantern standing on the coffee table. Large outdoor lanterns also have a handle so that it is possible to hang them.  Choose the right light for several of lantern is make into candles. A pillar candles have several hours of burning tea light than why you can benefit from the lantern several days before the lights are burn.

Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge Design

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Outdoor double chaise lounge – You are so in how things are done, which has become a passion. From your point of view, trying to build something from scratch is a valuable project. And especially after seeing the finished product. When it comes to making your beautiful house, she will stop at nothing, even if you must take to build things yourself. Do you have enough time on your hands to build a pair and therefore most likely to buy designer chairs accent pieces to this project. Maybe a pool or a beach chair or a sofa lounge to complete the set.

Here is how you start building your outdoor double chaise lounge. Look and choose the pattern that is to your liking. This includes understanding the simplicity or complexity of the design for when you start building it. To simplify the process, a manual with pictures is a good idea. Select your material. Will you use metal, wood or plastic? The material selected must be suitable for outdoor use, even if it is a lawn and covered patio, especially if you plan to place it in the pool.

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After that to build outdoor double chaise lounge, take accurate measurements. Better if you draw a plan on paper as a visual representation of how you see the finished product organized in your lawn or pool. Prepare your materials and your laboratory. You will need tape measure, drill, pencil, tiles, saw, screws, nails, and a short preparation. Start building. If you work with wood as a material, chopping wood in equal parts to the frame and the base of the chair. The thickness of the back of your chair should be at least six inches. On the other hand, you can mount the plastic and metal materials by following the instructions.

Types Of Outdoor Sink Faucet

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Outdoor sink faucet – When you select outdoor sink faucet, there are many options: metal or porcelain, faceted or smooth. Whatever your style, there are a few basic shapes and features to choose from. If you choose for the kitchen, consider adding amenities, such as a pull-out spray detergent or soap dispenser. If you choose a tap elsewhere in the house, consider your needs. There are two parts to a tap: the handle and spout. Set Center mixer is the most common, with a spout and two handles, one on each side of the spout, which mount on a base. A handle is too hot and one too cold. Center set faucets manufactured in sizes to fit any sink.

Spread platforms similar to the center tap set, but they have not a base. There are two handles on either side of a spout, but all shoots direct from your countertop or outdoor sink faucet. This allows you to choose how far apart you want them to be, which appeals more to the modern style and is a symbol of modern simplicity and technology.

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New Outdoor Sink FaucetSize: 1280 x 910

Types of outdoor sink faucet, the wall-mounted faucets are also contemporary. It projects from the wall above the sink basin. Most wall-mounted faucets have two handles. This style would not work with a standalone sink, so be aware of your specific needs.

Outdoor Glider Design Ideas

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Outdoor glider – When it comes to dining, the point is typically able to relax outside. There are outdoor glider comes in.  The most common types of outdoor glider includes a wooden bench, a metal bench, and either a glider chair or a full bench. Owners of this type of furniture can not only choose from these variations. But also have the option of adding pillows to suit their personal taste, as well as sliding ottomans.

One of the most common types of outdoor glider is wood types, which tend to match almost any style because there are many types of wood. Some of the preferred woods include teak, cedar, pine, cypress, and pine, which are usually resistant to bad weather. This type of outdoor terrace tend to age well outside. And usually look attractive when it is anywhere from a back yard with a picturesque garden to a courtyard with only grass and a concrete porch. The color of the glider usually depends on the type of wood which is select. Because it can be light, dark, or cherry color, although it may also be color any color. A wooden glider usually requires that the pillows add to make it more comfortable, and they are usually sold separately.

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Wooden Outdoor GliderSize: 850 x 680

White Outdoor GliderSize: 1600 x 1600

Rustic Outdoor GliderSize: 1304 x 1302

Perfect Outdoor GliderSize: 1224 x 815

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Best Outdoor GliderSize: 900 x 600

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Amazing Outdoor GliderSize: 850 x 638

Many people prefer the modern look to the traditional style opt for metal outdoor glider. This type of seating usually means a metal frame with legs, arms, and slide mechanism all made of aluminum. The seat of the glider makes of mesh or similar soft material, which means that most metal outdoor glider not need the pillows. Many such gliders include overhead canopies to provide shade during use.

Pine Outdoor Sideboard With Shelves

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Outdoor sideboard – Bestow can be used to organize household items, while others are just conversation starters. Pine plywood can be used to construct a sideboard, but for a robust and solid furniture construction outdoor sideboard with glued panels. Glulam offers all the benefits of real wood without the hassle, mess and cost of creating your own panels

Mark top and bottom sides and partitions. Install adjustable shelf track. Then draw lines drawer space. Add the remaining two 18- by -40 glulam flat on the workbench. These are the page elements. Pick up drawer space parts. Apply glue to the 18-inch edges of the two 17-by-18-by-3/4-inch laminated wood and secure them between a hand piece and a partition with finish nails. Then add the top and bottom. Put some glue between the lines drawn on the top and bottom of the outdoor sideboard. Secure drawer space assemblies between top and bottom with finish nails.

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Yellow Outdoor SideboardSize: 1024 x 820

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Simple Outdoor SideboardSize: 1500 x 1125

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Nice Outdoor SideboardSize: 1500 x 1500

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Amazing Outdoor SideboardSize: 1961 x 1677

As a result, snap back to the sideboard. Then build drawer boxes. Install drawers and doors. Add two 18 1/2-by-7 1/2-by-3/4-inch laminated wood at the workbench. Center the 16 3/4-inch side of the drawer boxes on these two pieces and secure them with 1-inch wood screws. Install the hinges on the 18 1/2-by-33 1/4-by-3/4-inch laminated wood with the screws and install the doors on the sideboard. Set furniture buttons and add shelves. Then turn sideboard head and secure furniture buttons under the sides and partitions. Turn outdoor sideboard upright. Kit 16 1/2-by-18-by-3/4-inch glue-laminated timber in place so that the adjustable shelves.

Build Outdoor Patio Swing

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Outdoor patio swing is the best place to relax after a hard day do-it-yourself projects. What could be more satisfying to relax on a patio swing you have made yourself. By following these simple steps, you could soon be relaxing in your. Choose a plan that will fit the size and style of your patio. The simplest design to make a seat frame to cover with slats chain will be suspend through holes in the seat and armrests, and hanging from a sturdy frame. You need to calculate at this point how much weight you will be able to support the frame you design

Redwood is the best wood available for outdoor patio swing, because it is hardy and requires minimal maintenance. Before starting a job like this put all the tools you need. There is nothing more annoying than an emergency trip to the hardware store halfway through a task

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Outdoor patio swing, using simple bolts where possible to join the parts of the seat frame together. The more complicated you make a joint, the more likely it is to go wrong. Thread the chain through the holes in the seat frame and armrests. Then thread the chain through the holes so that the seat is ready to hang. Ideally the seat should be hung at least 2ft from the ground.

Renew Sofa Chair And Outdoor Loveseat

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Outdoor loveseat – As times change, so do the furniture styles. The sofa, chair or loveseat you bought a few years ago could not look its best longer. Before you throw it and start with something new, see if you can give new life to your old pieces. Clean the furniture to give it a fresh look. If your couch, chair and outdoor loveseat have removable slipcovers, read the instructions on the care of the fabric. You may be able to wash and dry them home or take them to the dry cleaners. Using an upholstery steam cleaner to clean any pieces of padding you cannot remove.

Renew sofa chair and outdoor loveseat; revive the sagging seats and cushions. Flip couch cushions and fluff up the pillows back. If you cannot get the desired level of support, consider having pillows reshuffled, which would be much cheaper than replacing the sofa. Check support if seats are still sinking. Turn the furniture and feel for bulging pieces of wood or springs. You can try to fix these issues by inserting blocks of wood between the frame and the section sagging or by turning the bent springs back into place with pliers.

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Stylish Outdoor LoveseatSize: 1500 x 1312

Popular Outdoor LoveseatSize: 1500 x 1125

Outdoor Loveseat StyleSize: 1024 x 1024

Outdoor Loveseat ImageSize: 1000 x 1000

Outdoor Loveseat IdeasSize: 1527 x 1200

Outdoor Loveseat DesignSize: 1500 x 1500

New Outdoor LoveseatSize: 1900 x 1900

Best Outdoor LoveseatSize: 1566 x 1177

Awesome Outdoor LoveseatSize: 1500 x 959

Amazing Outdoor LoveseatSize: 1024 x 768

Try to renew the furniture and the room by rearranging the set-up. Move the sofa to the other wall, create more than one seating area or mix in a new accent pieces of furniture with your existing couch, chair or outdoor loveseat. Then adding some new or different lighting to change the feel of the space and the look of your old furniture.

Recover Outdoor Glider Cushions

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Outdoor glider cushions – You can renew your old porch glider cushions with new covers made of outdoor fabric. Also other heavy fabrics like denim or cloth can be used, is a specialty outdoor fabric designed to resist mildew and sun bleaching. Keep your new cushion covers in good condition. Place the furniture in direct sunlight, if possible. Keep patio furniture cushions indoors a shed or garage is good – when not in use, especially in winter.

Clean your porch outdoor glider cushions. Brush off loose dirt with a soft brush and wash both sides with a mixture of 1/4 cup mild soap in a gallon of warm water. Then, let air dry. Inspect pads for signs of mold or other damage. Dead mold with a solution of cup bleach mixed in one liter of water. Spray the solution on the mold, scrub with a brush, rinse and let air dry.

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Repair damage to the existing cap, if needed. Then, hand stitch tears closed and patch small holes with a needle and thread. Iron the fabric according to manufacturer’s instructions. And then add two layers of fabric right sides together on a large flat surface. Place the glider pad to the fabric. Then, draw a line around the edge of the outdoor glider cushions. Draw a second line one inch plus half the thickness of the pad outside the first row. For pads less than 1 inch thick, do not add extra depth. Pin the fabric together between the two lines and cut through both layers of the outer line.