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Trough planter – A plantation or flower boxes offer a simple. Yet effective solution to smarten front or rear and large appear in a window, balcony, or deck railing. Such as wood, iron (with resin inner vessel) to lighter plastic PVC. Plantation wrought for securing to a large extent the size of the window-frame. With the box holder’s sized or adjust.

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A flower box round and measure in the region of 22-70 inches long. Large outdoor area to smarten completely trough planter uninteresting or boring. Like a wooden deck area, bare concrete walls or metal fences. For ease in blending with the environment. Plant containers are often made into paintable. While also offer the ability to resist yellow, fad and peel.

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Copper Trough PlanterSize: 1024 x 768

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Aluminum Trough PlanterSize: 1024 x 759

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A trough planter style offers the perfect piece to attach the wall-free space or window. With the inner layer of thick moss, hayrack, or coco fiber. A layer of dense basket is ideal for stop dirt or water drop to the floor.


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