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Tub shower enclosures – If your tiled shower walls are decaying and loosening due to constant exposure to moisture from your shower, it’s a quick way to replace only those that are resolved without damaging the rest of the wall. Pull the loose tiles and remove the wall material behind the tiles in damp and damaged. Continue to remove the tiles until you reach dry ground and leave some dry surfaces exposed. Soak and scrape the mastic from washers, remove and reinstall new cement backer board in the opening you created. Apply mastic on the wall material and reinstall your old tiles. The grout and seal your tile.

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If your tub shower enclosures have black spots in humid places, or along the joints, mold can occur. Mold is the most common form of mold. It’s a surface dweller resembling ordinary dirt. To find out whether the dark spots you see are actually mold, pour a few drops of bleach to one, and wait a while to see if the patch becomes white. If it does, it molds. To remove mold from your tub shower enclosures, mix 8 cups of water and a cup of bleach. Apply the mixture were you looking or think mold and allow the dead growth. Using bleach in a well-ventilated area while wearing gloves and goggles.

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