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Decorative wall hook – There are a lot of things that you can build. And then you can use in your home. An example would be a coat rack. It is a very useful and practical thing to have a home. We have prepare some design ideas for you to take a look at. And maybe you can use. a coat rack that is easy to do. And can be done on a weekend when you have some free time. It uses real hangers and this makes it striking. Very versatile and functional. The hangers are mount on a piece of wood that attaches to the wall.

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Decorative wall hook can be rotate as desire. It is a simple but very practical feature. if you prefer something a little more fun and unusual, make a similar one you will use toy animals, a small saw, glue, scraps of wood and paint. First paint the wood and then cut the animals carefully in half. Place the animals in the block of wood and mix them. Use glue for fixing to the wood and let it dry for a few days.

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A wooden pallet would also make a great coat rack. Before you get to mount it on the wall and add decorative wall hook you will have to paint it. You can select multiple colors and paint each section a different tone. You will receive a colorful and beautiful coat rack that can be mount on the wall near the entrance or anywhere else.

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