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Vinyl shower curtains can be use around the house for many things, including craft ideas. They are cheap and relatively easy to cut and write. Vinyl shower curtains can be quite handy to have around children because they have many applications involving children. Take a couple of shower curtains, and see how endless the possibilities are for their uses.

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A clear vinyl shower curtains can turn into a cool piece mat for children. And also use crayons, stickers, markers, and your children’s imagination to create a carpet that they can use to play on. If your son is playing with toy cars, drawing streets, signs, houses and hills. Then if your daughter likes to pretend that she is a princess, create a play mat with castles, horses, carriages and villages. Add stickers to liven up your carpet. It can be easily folded and stored for each playback time.

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As a result, a vinyl shower curtains can be use in many types of games. Use dry erase markers to make a checker board, hopscotch grid, bingo board or executioner surface. Children will love their huge playing area rug. It can also be use to catch the paint drops below the children’s painting, like a nice area for play dough making and for use as a teaching tool to show kids math problems, words and colors.