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Wall mount mailbox – The process to secure a mailbox on the outside of your home stays the same regardless of what your home is make of. The only thing that changes is the tool you use to secure your mailbox. Most homes are make of plywood with siding or some type of brick or block. If you have wooden homes with siding, you can use the standard tools available in the home. If your home is made of brick or block, you need specialize tools to get the job done right.

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Place the wall mount mailbox against and placing a spirit level on top of it. Also place the mailbox level and mark the mounting holes on the wall with a marker. As a note, check with your local post office or building inspector to see if your area has rules about where you can place your mailbox and appropriate height from the ground.

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And also drill holes in the wall mount mailbox where you have placed each mark. If your home is plywood siding, use a standard hand drill and drill. And also ensure that the bit is large enough to fit the wall tie. Use a wall anchor suitable for wood. Also make sure you take care when you drill through the siding. Siding is usually vinyl and it will tear if you do not go straight into the wall at a 90-degree angle. If the home is brick, use a hammer drill fitted with a masonry bit. Also make sure you use a drill bit large enough to fit your wall anchors. Use a wall anchors designed for brick or block.

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