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Wall mounted shower seat – Adding a location to your shower can provide a relaxing place to sit and absorb the refreshing spray of warm water after a hard day at work. You can easily make out of marble, granite or tile for your existing shower. Buy or find some scrap pieces of one of these materials and dedicate a day to create and install your own wall mounted shower seat.

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Measure your existing shower to see if it is at least 4 meters by 3 meters to accommodate at least one 12-inch shower chair. Waterproof backer board is best to use for seat and bench. Slope seat slightly, angling toward the front so water runs off. Use a wall cleat on the rear wall below the plywood to attach the seat to the wall mounted shower seat.

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Construction seat of a material not affected by water, such as marble, granite or ceramic tiles.  Contrasting colors like black granite seat in white tiled shower offers a fantastic look. Waterproof seat by placing vinyl membranes such as those used for ceramic tile flooring.  Nail the membrane only the upper edges.

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Place a thin layer of mortar on vinyl membrane. Place the nails in a few areas by mortar on the vertical side of the bench only, not on the seat area. Create a site only as an alternative to counter the idea with the help of a piece of granite or marble between the shower walls and really secure with brackets underneath for support.

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