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Travertine backsplash provide a warm and textured accent for your kitchen and also bathroom. Travertine is a soft and pockmark form of limestone with motley band of various white, gray, brown, gold and / or red hues. This requires a thick sealant, are normally use for the installation. To fill pockmarks and create a smooth surface. Travertine tends to be too soft for use as a kitchen table. So it is important to match the stone with a free countertop material.

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Broken pieces of travertine and tile form a colorful contrast to the rustic backsplash and counter design. Countertops made up of shards of rich browns . And then rust tile pairs well with a tan and cream stripes travertine backsplash. Use a thick band of the tile to trim the top of the backsplash for a finished look. Match the tiles with any type of natural wood cabinetry.

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Travertine BacksplashSize: 990 x 660

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Take advantage of the many different types of travertine backsplash to create a colorful backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Assorted square travertine tiles in white, cream, gold, tan, red, brown, silver, green and also gray produce a cheerful style. Pair backsplash with a brown kitchen table for a dramatic accent or gold kitchen table for a warm accent.

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