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Waterfall faucet – The range of plumbing fixtures you can install in your bathroom is huge. Most are based on a traditional layout: Crane head in the center, handles for hot and cold water on both sides. Or maybe for variety, a washer less handle in the middle as you tilt or turn controls the water flow. They usually work well, and some look good doing what they do. But others are kind of boring. So why not add a sculptural touch to your bathroom? Why not install a waterfall faucet?

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Attach the hot and cold water lines to the waterfall faucet assembly. They have standard screw-on couplings – hot left, cold on the right. When the fingers, give each between a half to a full turn with your pliers. Place rubber washer over the brass ring. Insert a pin into the seal hole. Feed water lines through vanity’s taping hole.

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Waterfall Faucet SinkSize: 936 x 936

Waterfall Faucet PartsSize: 600 x 600

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Keeps the faucet from above, the retaining screw in the corresponding hole in the faucet mounting from below? The rubber gasket should be in contact with the underside of the emptiness. You can free tap the device when it is stable. Fix the second screw in the second hole. Tighten both screws with your forceps or what tools you have chosen for the purpose. Connect the water lines to the control valves (hot left, cold on the right). Draw lines with your pliers or a wrench.

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