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Outdoor trash cans – Are an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful landscaped garden. There is no easy way around having at least one when you take the garbage out daily is not an option. They do not need to be big hulking boxes with ugly, however. It just takes some ingenious planning to carry out an exquisite cover-up in such a smelly situation.

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Use Hedges to hide outdoor trash cans; Planting medium hedges around a grouping of it will keep them from being an eyesore on your property. Bet on hedges as either stay midsize or choose plants that can be trimmed often. The plants should be placed far enough away from outdoor trash cans that plants are not damaged from moving boxes around. Allow a space for removing boxes on garbage day.

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Lattice Fence for concealing outdoor trash cans; A simple latticework fence can be constructed with treated 2-by-4s and lattice sheeting. This is a popular program to hide not only outdoor trash cans, but also propane tanks, water pumps and even dog pens. To top off the beauty of the fence, different flowering vines can be planted at the bottom of the fence. Vines that will work well are clematis, black-eyed Susan vine, vines, bittersweet (fast growing) and kiwi vines.