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Metal tray – Trays have been present in our homes for decades. In the beginning, only the wealthiest families could afford to have a tray at home. Since they were usually made of pure materials such as silver. And were often use for the butler or servants to bring food. And also drinks from the kitchen to the kitchen. But little by little they find other materials. And all the families began to introduce this object in the day to day of their houses. The trays are totally practical products with very diverse functions. It depends on our needs!

Posted on October 19, 2017 Hardware

The metal tray is products that can fulfill multiple functions. Which can range from the most basic and also functional to completely decorative aspects. These tray metals are among the most common and also most use. Given the characteristics possess by this material. The resistance, the brightness and ease of working sobe him to get multiple designs.

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White Metal Tray TableSize: 900 x 900

Small Metal Tray TableSize: 1200 x 1200

Silver Metal TraySize: 800 x 800

Metal Tray TableSize: 898 x 900

Metal Tray ServerSize: 1200 x 1200

Metal Tray RoundSize: 900 x 900

Metal Tray OvalSize: 800 x 800

Metal Tray MaterialSize: 801 x 463

Metal Tray FoodSize: 1000 x 750

Metal Tray DrawersSize: 842 x 631

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Can you imagine the metal tray hanging on the wall as pictures? We have not gone mad! It is one of the latest trends in interior decoration and the results are astounding! We advise you to choose tray metal of different sizes and, above all, different colors, such as trays in gold, silver, and bronze, black and white. If you combine these tray metal in a white wall the result will be wonderful, try it!