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Air Return Grille – The furnace humidifiers generally secured between the hot air duct flowing into the housing and the cold Air Return Grille supply air to the furnace. A portion of the hot air is led into the humidifier, where it picks up droplets of water. It is then fed back to the cold air return, flows into the furnace, heating it again. This heat vaporizes completely water droplets, so that absorbed by the hot air.

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The disk wheel and drum style humidifier, wearing a rotating wheel water from a tray to a stream of air. The drum style humidifiers, water picked up by absorbent pads. Air blowing past the pillows absorbs water as it passes. Disk wheels use many small plastic discs instead of pillows. Each plastic disc can hold only a little water, but together have enough space to hold a lot. Because of the surface area, the warm air can absorb water efficiently. Flow-through humidifiers have no flow parts. Instead, they have a small, porous aluminum device called a biscuit. Water flows through a nozzle in the biscuits, and the Air Return Grille blowing through the page. Because of all the holes in the inside, there are a lot of surface for the water to cover. This allows air to absorb water efficiently.

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Air Return Grille SizesSize: 1000 x 650

Air Return Grille LatchSize: 1000 x 667

Air Return Grille FloorSize: 1000 x 750

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