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Wrought iron corbels are architectural support that is often used on the outside of buildings to hold up the weight. They can used to support the weight of a balcony or an overhang. And often carved or cast in the scroll forms or natural forms as sheets or animals. Very style consoles were a popular part of medieval buildings. These early corbels made from stone.

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Wrought iron corbels are necessary part of building design when hanging a heavy weight. Large ledges sometimes need consoles to support their weight. Brackets serve to hang the shelf and for supporting the shelf weight. Place the brackets closer to heavier weights. Not enough support can cause the shelves to fall or bend in the middle. Space fasteners a quarter full shelf length. For example, a 1 foot has shelf brackets was 3 inches.

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Space holds a half the length of the shelf length for light objects. For example, a 1 foot shelf has mounts on each end and in the middle of the shelf. Too many brackets can cause the shelves to bulge in the middle. The correct distance between the wrought iron corbels requires knowing how much weight the shelf will support. Heavier weights require closer bracket distance than light support. Incorrect spacing can cause the shelves to buckle, bend or fall.

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